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About Us
Thank you so much for visiting our site. It is true that behind every small business there are people with a passion and this is ours - we hope you like it!
Queens of Green Design Directors Jess and Lucie

We are childhood friends - Jess & Lucie - who share a love of plants and vintage treasures! So what better than to put the two together and start a vintage pot and plant styling business!

We love seeing the difference that a beautiful pot or vase can make to a space. Sourcing vintage gives us the opportunity to be kind to the planet, as well providing our customers with a fantastic range of unique and stunningly designed pieces.  


From mid century glass to victorian majolica - each piece tells its own story. A story we love to discover and share!

Photo by Gingersnaps Photography

Running a business with your best mate guarantees plenty of laughter.


Whether it's laughing about the most ridiculous things we've bought at flea markets and car boots (Jess: a life-size ceramic dog, Lucie: a set of Victorian juggling balls) or the fact that we've started a plant-based business when we've both killed our fair share of plants! (Rest assured we've learnt a lot along the way and are now experts at keeping them alive).

Being bold and being brave is what QofG is all about - and if that means making the odd crazy purchase, or killing the odd maidenhair fern (and who hasn't?) then bring it on! 

Directors of Queens of Green Design - Jess and Lucie

Photo by Gingersnaps Photography

Vintage brass plant stand with plant next to grey sofa and brass coffee table


Check out our Plant Styling page for helpful advice and handy tips on how to style plants in your home.

Brown ceramic vintage plant pot on book shelf with orange penguin books


Browse our fabulous selection of vintage plant pots and vases in stock now!

Vintage plant pot with pheasants


There are so many different styles of pots and vases - find out more about the rich history of ceramics and homewares.

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