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Interior Plant Styling



We talk through what plant styling is and why a plant stylist might be just what you need.

Large Indoor House Plants and Plant Pots
The Indoor Jungle - Rise of the House Plant

House plants have become such a big part of our homes and offices in recent years. Whereas in the past, the most anyone might have committed to owning was the occasional spider plant - today plant-lovers and interior designers fill rooms with jungle-like collections of tropicals, succulents, ferns and Mediterranean greenery. 

Large House Plant in Brass Planter next to Grey Chair With Cushion

Social media is awash with images of stylish homes full of potted plants and forums dedicated to houseplant care and photography. Plant sales rocketed even before lockdown - in 2019 the RHS reported a 50% rise in houseplant sales - and recent events have only intensified demand. 


It’s not a trend that’s likely to go away anytime soon - plants can transform a space: bringing vibrancy with their colours and drawing the eye with their range of leaf and stem shapes - what is more, science is increasingly proving that they can improve mood and health! 

The Benefits of House Plants

Bringing living greenery inside transforms your living space - fulfilling an innate need inside all of us to connect with nature. As more and more of us are living in urban environments and apartments with little outside space, house plants are an easy way to get your green fix.


Plus there’s something very satisfying about seeing a plant grow a new leaf or flower bud because it’s happy in your care!

Hand and Leaf

Studies have shown how caring for plants reduces the level of the stress hormone cortisol in your brain. Your mind focuses on caring which releases dopamine that makes us feel more positive and motivated. Some medical clinics have even started prescribing pot plants to patients with depression and anxiety.

Plants can also help purify the air around you - all plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen helping us all to breathe easier. But they also help absorb toxins via pores in their leaves and release water vapour which may help reduce asthma symptoms.

And if you have children, house plants are one great way to introduce them to the magic of the natural world - helping them to hone fine motor skills through watering and planting, teaching them patience and giving them a sense of responsibility without the commitment of a pet!

Things to Consider When Choosing House Plants

Interior plants come in a dazzling variety of leaf colours, textures, sizes and shapes. New variations seem to appear every year. Knowing what options are out there and how to source them is a job in itself - but it's worth doing the research and coming up with a plan before you buy. Rushing into your nearest garden centre and grabbing the first thing you see might lead to regrets when you find the plant you bought is high maintenance or won't fit your space.

Box of Plants

From large ones (like Fiddle Leaf Figs and Birds of Paradise) to small ones (like Polka Dot Plants or String of Pearls); stripy ones (like Aglaonema Stripes), spiky ones (like Snake Plants or Cacti) and heart shaped ones (like String of Hearts); pink ones (like Pink Princess Philodendron), red ones (like Red Anthurium or Begonia Rex Red Bull), purple ones (like Purple Oxalis) and variegated ones (like Variegated Monstera or Calathea White Fusion) - there's plenty of choice and a plant to go with every decor!

Modern Interior with Office House Plants
Large Vintage Ceramic Indoor Terracotta Plant Pot with Parrot Design and Kentia Palm next to Modern Black Furniture
Modern Bathroom Decor with Indoor House Plants

Some (like Devil’s Ivy or Philodendrons) can be trained to climb and trail from high shelves or around door ways. Others - including succulents - can be used to fill interesting and eye-catching containers or living walls. 


Selecting the right ones for your space, working out where to put them and how to group them is a key part of successful plant styling. Tall statement plants, trailing plants and sculptural succulents can transform a room when positioned correctly.

But plant styling isn’t just a matter of choosing plants that are the right size and shape for a room - it’s also about choosing plants that fit your lifestyle when it comes to maintenance. Plants are living things and ideally you want to keep them alive for as long as possible - especially the more costly ones! You don’t need an eye for interiors to know that half-dead pot plants are not a good look!

Cute Puppy in Chair with Indoor House Plants

Knowing where particular plants like to be positioned - what light levels they need, how much draft they can tolerate, where they can safely be allowed to climb or trail - as well as how much water they require, are key to helping them not only survive but thrive.


And knowing which plants are toxic to pets or children is also important when selecting plants that are within reach of little hands and paws!

What Pot to Get

Once you’ve chosen your plants, they then require a suitable container. Most house plants are sold in plain brown or black plastic pots with drainage holes. Not only do these look unattractive but they’re not watertight - so any water that you pour into them, will soak into your sideboards and carpets.


So finding a pot to fit your plant is the next task. Ideally it will be wide and deep enough to fit the plastic ‘interior’ pot (making watering and switching pots and plants around much easier) - acting as a ‘cachepot’ (French for ‘to hide’ - as in ‘to hide the ugly plastic pot’).

Plant pots come in a massive range - both modern and vintage - finding one to suit your style and budget can be a challenge. Materials range from metals like copper and brass to ceramic, glass, rattan, leather, wood and plastic.


They can be richly textured or patterned; minimalist or maximalist; in pretty much every colour of the rainbow! They can be arranged in matching sets or complementary groups, put in hangers, terrariums, living walls or be placed on stands.

Anyone who’s tried, knows that not every plant matches every pot - sometimes it’s a matter of trial and error to get it right. But it’s definitely worth the effort because when you find the perfect pot for a plant, it transforms it into a living work of art!

Vintage Hand Painted Oriental Style Black and White Plant Pot with Pilea Plant against Grey Patterned Tiles
How a Plant Stylist Can Help
Snake Plant held by Woman in Orange Dress

If all the above seems a bit too much of a chore but you like the idea of adding more plants and pots to your space - then maybe a professional plant stylist is what you require!

A plant stylist can save you the time of researching which plants to buy and where to source them. They can use their trained eye to match them to fantastic pots and place them in the best position to show them off to full effect. They’ll know which plants will thrive best in a particular environment - reducing the chances of them dying - and which plants look best together. So you get to greenify your space and give it the wow factor it needs, without having to lift a finger!


At Queens of Green Design we love nothing more than matching plants, pots and decor - whether it’s for an office, a public space or a private home. We carefully assess your needs as well as your style, taste and budget before creating a personalised plant plan just for you! Once you decide what you want - we can then source, deliver and install the pots and plants.


We can even provide handy guides on how to look after each plant. Leaving you to sit back and enjoy your new plant family!

Plant styling for businesses & events
Restaurant Interior Decor with Plants

Just as in our homes, plants are now an established feature of our workplaces and public spaces - restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels and offices all see the value of using plants to add another dimension to their decor. From installing a large living wall or some large statement trees - to collections of smaller plants trailing from shelves or hangers. Adding a pop of botanical beauty is a great way to entice customers and promote wellbeing amongst employees.

At Queens of Green Design we have the added benefit of being able to bring a touch of vintage glamour to any space or event. For those brands that are more quirky or unique and want more than just a plant in a plain pot or flowers in a generic vase - we can provide a plant styling service that focuses on using beautiful and eclectic pieces of ceramic, glass and metalwork which reflect a more cultured and cosmopolitan look.

If you use flowers in your business or for a special event - whether large central displays or small collections on tables or in rooms - we can source a range of beautiful vintage vases that help add texture and detail to your decor.

Vintage White Wedgwood Flower Vase with Peonies against Pink Background
Close up of Spring Flowers in a Vase
Three White Wedgwood Posy Vases with Blue Floral Design and White Sweet Pea Flowers
Vintage White Ceramic Plant Pot


Browse our selection of stunning vintage pots and vases in stock now.

Plan for Plant Styled Mantle Piece


Take a look at our plant styling packages - starting at just £65!

Watering House Plants


Need help keeping your plants alive and thriving? Read our plant care tips!

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